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Last Updated March 2019

Quick Widget for new and existing customer logging

This is like callerID on steroids. If you have an inbound call to your business, your AcupuncturePro app will light up with a link to bring you directly to the customers' new or existing profile. Never before has it been this easy to navigate your CRM software. The customer logging widget increases efficiency by making it easier to notate, schedule, and check out customers. To learn more about how this feature works "How To" article.

Inbound Call Logging

Use AcupuncturePro to track calls generated to your business. Optionally, all callers can be prompted with a "this call may be recorded" message to record inbound calls while still ensuring you're acupuncture is compliant with any state laws. This provides a great tool for checking in on employee conversations with customers, and provides a point of reference to remember details from past conversations.

QuickBooks Integration

Stop wasting time and sync your payment/invoicing data to QuickBooks with the click of a button! AcupuncturePro allows for seamless integration of payment and invoicing data between your Punchey and QuickBooks accounts. Now, you can spend more time focusing on growing your acupuncture business, and less time worrying about numbers of the past. To learn more about AcupuncturePro's ability to integrate with QuickBooks view our "How To" article.

Upsell Services

Upselling is everything! If your company offers add-ons for your acupuncture services, you can now directly link them to the services they are connected to. AcupuncturePro will now pull these add-on options directly to your checkout screen when you select a service, so you and your employees will never forget to go for that extra money. Increase profits, provide more detailed service, and make life easier for your employees! To learn more about AcupuncturePro's add-on feature view our "How To" article.

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